ITA - Industrial Training Association

The Industrial Training Association (ITA) is a pooling of interests from well-known German industrial companies who operate globally. ITA is focused on technical training for customers and employees.

Enhance your potential with our collective experience

With the experience of our members we strive to provide the best training solution for our customers’ requirements. Our main focus is on standardization. Each company is responsible for the implementation and achievement of this goal.

Far-reaching networking

We meet several times a year to exchange experiences and to work on pre-defined topics.

Highest requirements to reach the best results

For our customers, partners and employees, we make it our priority to define the requirements for advanced training quality and to develop them further.

Highly competent training skills

During the annual trainer congress, the trainers of all companies exchange their experiences and hear new ideas. This helps to improve themselves and enhance their training methods.

Best-practice training under realistic conditions

We teach in realistic settings to make the training as effective as possible, enabling our students to develop more professional practices. Doing this allows our customers to understand how to handle different circumstances.

Trainer / Unternehmens Netzwerk

Wir sehen uns als Netzwerk für Trainer Schulung, Weiterbildung im süddeutschen Raum

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Beteiligte Unternehmen

Successful (re)-certification of SCA trainers

Um sicherzustellen, dass die Kompetenz der Trainer immer auf einem sehr hohen Niveau bleibt sind Wissenserweiterungen ein wichtiger Bestandteil des Zertifizierungsprozesses.

(Deutsch) Jahrestrainertreffen 2017

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(Deutsch) Arbeitskreis Heller

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If you are interested in becoming a member of our network, please feel free to contact our chairman, Christoph Behmüller from Liebherr-WErk Ehningen GmbH or chairmen Klaus-Dienter Enghardt from Schuler Pressen GmbH or any other contact listed.

Christoph Behmüller
Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH

Klaus-Dieter Enghardt
Schuler Pressen GmbH

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