Many factors determine the quality of technical training, for example, teaching techniques, classroom arrangement, and the organization of the training itself. The trainers, however, play a crucial role in the quality of the training. Professional and methodological competence here is decisive.

In cooperation with all ITA member companies, a uniform model for the qualification and certification of the technical trainers was established in 2000.

The objectives of the qualification and certification are:

<li>High quality standards for all training</li>
<li>Highly skilled technical, methodical, and informative trainers</li>
<li>Participant-oriented training management</li>
<h3><strong>The Qualification process</strong></h3>
<p><strong>ITA Certified Industrial Trainer</strong></p>
<p>All trainers from ITA member companies participate in a well-established methodological training curriculum and receive regular coaching from experienced trainers. Successfully passing the subsequent auditing process will establish them as an ” />


Qualification modules

a TTT1 Train the Trainer – Basic seminar

  • Analyze training needs, define targets, content plan and timetable
  • Selection and application of various training methods
  • Engaging the participant
  • Controlling the learning
  • Feedback methods
b Coaching feedback from a Trainer
c TTT2 Train the Trainer – Establishment seminar

  • Engage, motivate, and “win” the listeners
  • Success factors for training
  • Time and resource management
  • Optimized application of learning methods
  • Development of the trainer personality
d Training Review
e Audit and Certification
f Advanced training for trainers to improve soft skills such as methodology, didactics, personality development, etc.

Seminars currently available:

  • TTT-MOT     Motivation techniques for training
  • TTT-STM      Voice coaching for trainers
  • TTT-MED     Workshop “innovative media for seminars”
  • TTT-PRÄS     Presentation techniques for trainers
  • TTT-S1           Social competence in adult education
  • TTT-TE           “Building training competence” seminar
  • TTT-COA        Leadership and coaching competencies for senior trainers

Further qualification modules:

The Process to become an ITA Certified E-Learning Trainer

In addition to the ITA “Certified Industrial Trainer” Certificate, ITA is introducing the “ITA Certified E-Learning Trainer” certificate in 2022.

This certification is also based on a solid methodological training of the online trainer to be certified. In the auditing process, the auditor conducts a preliminary talk, participates in several online training courses as an auditor and explains the result in a detailed feedback meeting with the trainer.

Insight into the job of a trainer at other companies ( One Day)

Each trainer attends seminars by colleagues from other companies. Attending two different seminars in one day, they will record their impressions regarding the trainer’s methodology and didactics as well as the seminar organization. In this way, the trainer broadens their experience and can incorporate findings into their own training.

At the end of the day, a brief exchange of ideas takes place between the guest and the Trainer.

Successful re-certification of SCA trainers
To ensure that the competence of the trainers is always on a very high level, knowledge expansion is an important part of the certification process.
This can be different courses in methodology, didactics and personality development.
Within an international trainer’s workshop near Heidelberg, SCA participants were offered a 1-day advanced training in methodology.
The core theme was interactive training and motivation for students.
In addition to the method training, the regular discussion of the assessments and the experience gained during own training sessions with the training manager, Sven Benetti, is also part of the re-certification process.
The participants at the workshop were from SCA’s worldwide subsidiaries and agencies, including Brazil, China, the UK, India, Spain, South Africa and the USA.
At present, SCA has deployed 26 certified trainers in 13 countries around the world to provide its customers with the best possible knowledge transfer.