About us

Who we are.

The industrial training association (ITA) is one of the oldest technical training communities in Germany. Eight well-known global industrial companies are currently exclusive members. ITA is focused on technical training for customers and employees.

The training managers of all of these companies meet several times a year to exchange experiences about current technical knowledge transfer methods and the organization of training centers.

What we do.

We support each other with the development and configuration of training as well as the training and development of the trainers (Train the Trainer seminars):

In addition to the technical competences, the methodical-didactical competences are also important to us.

Recognition, learning and better understanding of intercultural aspects in training methods is another important building block in our daily practice.

Objectives of ITA

  • Define and implement ITA standards for professional training in the industry
  • Encourage continuous improvement in the quality of training
  • Provide customers with practical and realistic training
  • Provide a communication platform for the member companies and encourage continuous improvement through the exchange of experiences and best-practices.
  • Create awareness of alternate approaches to professional training.
  • Practical training methods for our trainers
  • Promotion of innovative teaching and training techniques

Have we piqued your interest?

Please contact our Chairman, Uwe Klumpp (Company Arburg)

Uwe Klumpp
Firma Arburg GmbH & Co KG
Germany: +49 7446 33-3578