Trainer conference

The cross-company ITA Trainer Conference takes place every year. This conference offers trainers the opportunity to share experiences and develop new ideas for their own training sessions through workshops.

November 2019

The annual year’s meeting was proceeded from ATLAS COPCO in Bretten.

The main topic was Digitalization/Industry 4.0 for trainer staff.

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November 2018

The year’s meeting was hold at the Event location “Lochmühle Eigeltingen”

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November 2016

The year’s meeting was held by the company Arburg in Lossburg. Horizons expanded through the mutual exchange of ideas and methods.

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January 2016

The yearly meeting 2016 was hosted by Liebherr in Ehingen. The head of the training center and “Chairman” of the ITA, Sascha Brenner, welcomed participants to a professional and communicative day-program in a historical setting on January 29, 2016.

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