Successful (re)-certification of SCA trainers

To ensure that the competence of the trainers is always on a very high level, knowledge expansion is an important part of the certification process.
This can be different courses in methodology, didactics and personality development.
Within an international trainer’s workshop near Heidelberg, SCA participants were offered a 1-day advanced training in methodology.
The core theme was interactive training and motivation for students.
In addition to the method training, the regular discussion of the assessments and the experience gained during own training sessions with the training manager, Sven Benetti, is also part of the re-certification process.
The participants at the workshop were from SCA’s worldwide subsidiaries and agencies, including Brazil, China, the UK, India, Spain, South Africa and the USA.
At present, SCA has deployed 26 certified trainers in 13 countries around the world to provide its customers with the best possible knowledge transfer.