n] 25. September 2020 next ITA Meeting at KARDEX,  Bellheim

10. July 2020 next ITA Meeting per Videoconference

19. June 2020 ITA Meeting per Videoconference

  08. May 2020 ITA Meeting at actual topics and introducing of

interested parties

08. May 2020 next ITA Meeting per Videoconference

27. March 2020

“it works” – ITA Meeting per Videoconference in corona crisis

20. March 2020 cancelled

ITA Meeting at Gebr. Heller Maschinenfabrik GmbH

November 2019

ITA Meeting at ATLAS COPCO (ITA Kompetenztage)

September 2019

ITA Meeting, 13.09.2019, at Arburg GmbH +Co KG

February 2019

Meeting at Adesso AG in Stuttgart

March 2017

ITA working Group at SCA Schucker in Bretten on the 17th March 2017. 

November 2016

Meeting for trainers and training managers at ARBURG in Lossburg.

September 2016

Meeting for all training managers at Schuler in Goeppingen.

June 2016

Meeting for the training managers at HELLER in Nuertingen.